I Came Out One Year Ago Today

What a year! There will always be before and after April 22, 2017.

Thank you to everyone who has loved me, supported me, and helped me to share a message of hope and confidence to LGBT+ people over the last year. Together we have made a real difference for a lot of people.

I won’t sugar-coat it, this year has been hell is so many ways. The first several months I was on a high of joy from coming out, but the last several months have been painful as I’ve tried to come to grips with my new life and all I’ve lost. They have also been healing months, and as I heal I see how much more I have gained than I ever had to lose.

I’ve come to see God and faith in a totally different light, one that has redeemed my faith and given me hope. My life has a new sense of balance and fullness. There are no more demons of doubt, fear, and indecision. I went from struggling with doubt to being liberated by doubt. With my new life is a new sense of purpose and joy.

To add to that joy, I’ve fallen in love with Beth Patterson, heart and soul, and I can’t imagine going through this year without her. She is such a gift from God, unexpected and extravagant. In church today I heard that we grow through pain and through love. Thank you, Beth, for helping me grow through love, because I’ve had plenty of growth through pain this year. And thank you for helping me hold onto faith and loving me through the craziness.

And now I step into year two of my new life, and I have a new project I’d like to let you all in on. I’ve started working on a book to help my Adventist brothers and sisters see how they can reconcile their faith and LGBT+ affirmation. This will be a labor of love, and I will need your help to make it a reality. But I am so, so excited about the opportunity we have to help so many who are struggling today. There will be more information to come.

Thank you again for being on this journey with me. I love you for it.


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